Meet our Bloggers

Shevonne Hunt

Shevonne Hunt presents daily parenting show Kinderling Conversation on Kinderling Kids Radio. She’s a city slicker with two children, a daughter (5) and son (3) and is always keen to get them into new and different landscapes. The beautiful shots that accompany her writing are care of her husband, photographer Daniel Guerra. She also contributes regularly to Essential Kids, Daily Life and Kidspot.

Leah Smileski

You’ll typically find Leah off on an adventure with her family or dreaming up the next great exploration. As an Assistant Principal by day, Leah has worked out how to juggle her passion for family , education and travel which she documents on The Kid Bucket List The Kid Bucket List Based in Sydney, Leah co-founded Sydney With Kids as a useful resource for local families looking for adventure.

Sue White

Sue White writes about travel with toddlers and shares all her adventures, misadventures, tips and advice at Babies who Travel. She also talks travel as founder of the active Facebook group for parents Kids Who Travel. "Whether it's a weekend jaunt to see the grandparents or the trip of a lifetime involving long haul flights, we've got you covered."

Amy Bingham

In her head Amy is a vibrant and stylish young television producer, but in reality she’s hiding in the well-worn body of a frazzled middle-aged mum to two teens. The majority of her traveling is spent transporting said teens around the city, but she much prefers enticing them away from their screens in search of adventure. Her stories, videos and movie-making tips can be found at

Geordie Torr

When photojournalist Geordie Torr, his partner and their two daughters moved back to Australia after 12 years living in the UK, they took the long way home, donning backpacks and travelling back overland. Along the way, he blogged about their adventures at Overland! and on their return to Sydney, started family travel website Family in a Backpack

Julie Jones

Julie travelled the world with her parents when she was a child and developed a life-long love for travel along the way. When Julie's son was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at 5 months, she determined to continue enjoying her love for travel and pass that passion on to her children. She shares the family's travels, tips and experiences at Have Wheelchair Will Travel.

Monique Van Tulder

In the course of a fabulously full career in travel, this mum has been fortunate to have access to many of the world's top destinations. Her advice and tips on 'the good things in life' are shared on her own luxury (family) travel blog The Urban Mum "Great service is my Nirvana. Bad? Let's say, I always tell the truth"

Deborah Dickson-Smith

Deborah plays the mother role in a blended family of seven. She's a travel blogger, diver and passionate eco warrior. She has lived in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Edinburgh, London and now resides in Sydney’s northern beaches. Deb blogs about the ocean and about travelling with teens