10 Singapore Surprises!

  1. Singapore is made up of 63 islands
  2. The first night safari in the world – Singapore Night Safari  – opened in 1994 and welcomes you into a world of nocturnal creatures at dusk.
    The Night Safari
  3. There are 107 markets and Hawker Centres in Singapore. To make eating like a local easy for families, all hawker centre food stalls are given a hygiene rating A, B, C, D. This unique dining experience gives a perfect snapshot of the multiculturalism that is at the forefront of Singapore today.
    One of Singapore's fabulous Hawker Centres
    One of Singapore’s fabulous Hawker Centres

Maxwell Road Food Centre – home to the renowned Tian Tian Chicken Rice

  1. Visit Maxwell Road Food Centre, which is one of Singapore’s most popular hawker centres and home to the renowned Tian Tian Chicken Rice for mouth-watering Hainanese chicken rice.
  2. A 10-minute bumboat from Changi Point Ferry Terminal will get you to Pulau Ubin, a must-visit island for families. The bumboat ride will cost SGD $2 per person and, once on the island, you can hire bikes and have some fun exploring – for only SGD $8 per person for the whole day!
    Bikes for hire at Pulau Ubin
    Bikes for hire at Pulau Ubin
  3. Singapore’s beautiful Botanic Gardens were recently accorded the honour of being added to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The National Orchid Gardens boast the world’s largest orchid display – over 60,000 plants!

Gardens by the Bay – home to the tall supertrees

  1. The magical Gardens by the Bay is the city’s pocket of greenery, and home to the tall and impressive supertrees, which are solar-powered and function exactly the same way a real tree does. Don’t miss the fantastic daily (and free!) OCBC Garden Rhapsody Light & Sound Show at 7:45pm and 8:45pm.The spectacular OCBC Garden Rhapsody Light Sound Show CREDIT Singapore Tourism 2
  2. The iconic Merlion statue is angled at exactly 45 degrees? Visit one of Singapore’s national icons (there are five in total), dotted across the city-state. Hint: the most iconic one overlooks Marina Bay at One Fullerton.
    The Merlion statue
    The Merlion statue
  3. Singaporeans believe turtles are good luck. Visit the Turtle Temple and Museum, home to over 900 turtles, and thousands of turtle-shaped ceramics and furniture.
    The Turtle Temple and Museum
    The Turtle Temple and Museum
  4. Fit in with the locals by trying these simple customs. 1) Put anything from a tissue pack to an umbrella on a chair to reserve your seat at a hawker centre while you hunt down delicious food, 2) Everyone is your family – call anyone older than you an ‘Aunty’ or an ‘Uncle’ (it’s a sign of respect) and 3) Add ‘LAH’ to the end of your sentence for emphasis. Did you know that LAH was the 1st ‘Singlish’ word to be accepted into the Oxford English Dictionary in 2000? Cool, LAH?

All images courtesy of Singapore Tourism


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