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10 tips for being a COVID-safe traveller

National Travel CEO, David Sumich, shares his top 10 tips on how to keep safe travelling in a COVID-19 world.

10 tips for being a COVID-safe traveller

1. Do your research

The number one priority is to do your research and stay informed. Utilise travel apps and stay up to date on current affairs so you can avoid COVID-19 hotspots and predict when there might be a border closure or lockdown. National Travel’s My Travel Itinerary app provides an interactive map which clearly communicates COVID-19 infection hot spots and highlights a ‘travel rating risk’ for each area. 

2. Take out travel insurance – and read the fine print

When taking out travel insurance read the product disclosure statement to know what you are getting and what the exclusions are. There are policies now including clauses for COVID-19 related medical expenses, COVID-19 related cancellations, and COVID-19 related additional costs.

10 tips for being a COVID-safe traveller

3. Prepare

The fundamental component to being a travel warrior is preparedness. Pack for safety and include items such as face masks, hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes.

4. Read the terms and conditions

Ensure you understand the terms and conditions of your booking. Find flexible booking terms that meet your travel needs.

5. Check your suppliers

Look for destinations, hotels and operators that are following COVID-19 safety guidelines. National Travel has a Supplier Excellence Program to ensure the ground operators and suppliers we use have COVID safe plans in place.

6. Contactless check-in

Be part of the future – contactless. Check-in online using self-service checkouts and use card payments where you can.

Contactless check-in - 10 tips for being a COVID-safe traveller

7. Keep it simple

With vaccination programs currently underway and no certainty with domestic borders, keep your holidays relatively simple. It will be easier for you to reschedule if you must, but if you use a travel agency such as National Travel, we can handle all rescheduling and refunds for you, making travelling even more simple during these difficult times.

8. Play COVID-safe

Maintain social distancing, disinfect often and always exercise good hand hygiene.

9. 24-hour support

As international borders open, ensure you have access to professional 24-hour support from your travel agent, or your suppliers if you are organising your trip yourself.

10. Sign up for DFAT updates

Before travelling overseas, sign up to receive travel advice updates for your destination direct to your email from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Smart Traveller website

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