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30 Essentials for Keeping Mums Happy on Holiday

When it comes to a list of things that make a successful holiday, we think keeping mum happy should be right up there, so here’s a list of 30 things that help make the perfect holiday for mums!

Mum and kids iStock 1
Mum and kids. Credits: iStock.

What mums want at a beach resort...

  1. Time to swim and snorkel and relax on the beach or poolside – alone!
  2. A pampering massage.
  3. Family fun without arguments or tears.

When sightseeing...

  1. No lost kids!
  2. No complaints or groans or whining from anyone about sore feet, boredom or any other apparent irritant!
  3. Compromise when it comes to planning activities.
  4. Time to shop.

On a road trip...

Family in car iStock 1
Family in a car. Credits: iStock.
  1. Shotgun position in the car (or driver’s seat) on a road trip!
  2. No travel/motion sickness.
  3. No fighting in the back seats.
  4. Full advantage taken of every toilet stop!

On a camping trip...

  1. An acceptance that if it wasn’t packed, it isn’t here and, no, we can’t drive home to get it!
  2. Willing help with the cooking and washing up.
  3. Kids who fall asleep early (and sleep through the night).
  4. Torches with new batteries.
  5. Sodden cozzies and beach towels hung to dry after use for the next day.
  6. No rain!

At hotels...

  1. Manners!
  2. Enough time for a visit to the spa – alone!

On planes...

  1. Kids who sleep for most of the trip.
  2. Inside voices!
  3. Wide variety of children’s in-flight entertainment.

On every holiday!

Family with canoe iStock 1
Family with canoe. Credits: iStock.
  1. Someone else cooking, cleaning and washing (at least some of the time!).
  2. Harmony among siblings.
  3. A few moments each day to herself.
  4. No holiday sicknesses/accidents.
  5. Fun!
  6. Memory-making family occasions – and yes, you DO have to be involved!
  7. Family photos – and yes, you DO have to be in them!
  8. A simple ‘Thank you!’.
Mum relaxing iStock 1
Mum relaxing. Credits: iStock.


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