5 times when you’re covered for theft on holiday

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Does your travel insurance cover pickpocketing

It isn’t all sunshine and roses when it comes to a family holiday. Sometimes, when you’re juggling small children, language barriers and foreign currency, your belongings can go missing from right under your nose. When this happens, it’s hard to work out whether these unattended items are covered by travel insurance or not. Here are five scenarios where you won’t be covered for theft on holiday.

Does your travel insurance cover pickpocketing1. Snatch and dash

If you suddenly find your bags hurtling away from you at breakneck speed in the arms of a masked assailant, your travel insurance will cover the costs of what’s been taken.

It takes a certain kind of thief with “nerves of steel” (if such an act could be seen in that way) to brazenly snatch your hand bag, wallet or other item of value from right under your nose, but they do exist out there.

2. Out of sight in a car

If you leave valuables in plain sight inside your vehicle you’re asking for the worst to happen. However, if you’ve gone to the length of locking them away in your glove compartment or even the boot, it’s not your fault if your car is broken into.

If you’ve in no way brought attention to yourself as a potential victim of theft, the responsibility for theft falls totally in the arms of the person who carried it out.

3. Hotel safe

Yes, even in the sanctity of your hotel room there’s sadly still a chance your precious items might go astray. The safe in your room is designed to keep most people out, but there’s still a chance someone might be crafty enough to crack it.

Alarmingly, this will most often be carried out by a member of hotel staff. All workers at these kinds of establishments are taught a special way to access safes in case a guest forgets their code, which makes them the most likely candidates.

4. Missing luggage

In truth, theft isn’t actually one of the most common causes of luggage going missing at airports, but it nevertheless has the potential to occur. Luggage will go missing for a variety of reasons – and whether it’s because your items were stolen, or they were simply misplaced by baggage handlers, you’ll be covered.

5. Pick pockets

Again, it’s hardly your fault if someone reaches over and snatches something out of your pocket without your knowledge. Pick pockets are fairly frequent in number across the globe, so always be on your guard if someone seems to be coming too close to you.

Hopefully it’ll never happen to you – but at least if it does, you’ll have a better understanding of how likely you are to get your money back.

Deborah Dickson-Smith
Deborah Dickson-Smith
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