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6 Incredible Day Trips on the Gold Coast

Hot Air Ballooning on the Gold Coast

There are so many really fun things you can do on the Gold Coast besides the obvious…theme parks and beach visits. I had trouble narrowing this list down to 6 so if you are wondering how long to make your holiday to the Coast, then I say make it as long as you like, as you and the kids won’t be bored! There’s just no chance.

    1. Go on a Cruise
      You can do lunch, afternoon tea or sunset dinner cruises or you can go for something a little bit longer. A day trip down the Tweed River is an outstanding option so check it out. And why wouldn’t you do it? Calm waters, sunshine and the sun beaming down so it does that little sparkle on the surface of the water. And if it’s the right time you may see some of our favourite marine life on your travels. Um, I think the question really is…why wouldn’t you go cruising?
    1. Go Whale Watching
      Oh my, seeing these gorgeous creatures up close in their natural environment is a sight to behold. I would put this in the, not to missed category. The good folk at Whales in Paradise run tours on the Gold Coast twice a day which includes morning or afternoon tea and a nice cruise through the Gold Coast waterways on your way to the open seas. They also claim to have a 100% sighting rate so it’s money well spent no matter what.
    1. Hot Air Ballooning
      Ah the views. They are simply spectacular in this part of the world. On one side you can see the ocean and the start of all the waterways that run off it in the area, and then to the other, you can see the beautiful Gold Coast Hinterland. Many organisations will offer a champagne breakfast as part of your package; a lovely option for the romantic getaway!
    1. Let’s go Fishing!
      There is some quality fishing in this part of the world so if fishing is your thing then you are in luck. You can take your pick too as it seems every man and his dog is running a charter in the area. Truly. Now traditionally fishing has been a man’s business I know but that doesn’t mean that ladies don’t like it or can’t go. Many of the companies make a point of letting everyone know they have a proper flushing toilet (as an attempt to appeal to women) so if that’s your issue there is one less excuse. Kids are also able to go on a lot of the trips so it’s well worth checking out. It could be quite a fun family day out on the water.
6 Incredible Day Trips on the Gold Coast .... and counting.
6 Incredible Day Trips on the Gold Coast …. and counting.
    1. Visit an Island
      I bet you didn’t realise that we have lovely islands this far south too! South Stradbroke is the most well known and commonly visited. The waters here are home to some of our favourite marine life: dolphins, turtles and stingrays are some of the big ones. A lot of tours will stop at other islands on the way where you can do some great snorkelling. If you are feeling adventurous then you should definitely do a kayak tour of the island. This is an awesome way to spend the morning or afternoon.
  1. Explore the stunning Gold Coast Hinterland
    You can go walking or hiking or if you like a little adrenalin bump in your day then maybe consider some 4WDing. The Hinterland is a truly special part of the world. You can go up Mount Tambourine and check out the view or stay down low and hike through the lush rainforest. There is plenty to do in the region as well. There are quaint little country villages to meander through, big national parks to explore and vineyards just waiting to serve you a glass of wine or two over lunch. This is what I call something for everyone.

Kris Alexander lives to travel with her family. When she’s not on the road discovering new destinations she’s planning for her next trip.


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