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Wildlings – A Different (Better) Kind of Gift For Kids

A new gifting website aims to give parents and relatives a sustainable alternative to plastic toys

book a frozen party with little creative co through the new experiences site the wildlings
Book a Frozen party with Little Creative Co through the new experiences site The Wildlings

Wildlings: sustainable gift experiences for Your child

Sydney mum, Ashleigh Lieberman, came up with the idea for Wildlings after she became frustrated with the large volume of toys her sons were given every Christmas and birthday. “I always wanted to provide inspiration for gift alternatives that my kids actually needed and would enjoy, so swimming lessons were often my suggestion,” she says. “But I found there was no convenient place to send my relatives to buy these types of experiences, which was frustrating. I thought other mums must feel the same, so Wildlings was born.” The site partners with small businesses around Australia to create a marketplace for experiences, including dance and karate classes, swimming lessons, virtual character play dates and public speaking and debating workshops, with more suppliers to be added in the coming months. Once an experience is purchased, the buyer is given a voucher that can be emailed straight to the recipient. Lieberman’s main mission is to keep plastic toys out of landfill by driving down demand, and creating a shift in the way society shops. “We want to minimise the value children place on toys and help them to appreciate memories, experiences and time spent with loved ones, first and foremost,” she says. “There’s quite a disconnect between consumers and the rates at which we purchase new things. We often don’t think about all of the implications we’re raising for the environment, and this needs to change.”

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