A Great Day Out with Grover

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July 19, 2011
Ready Set Grover
Ready Set Grover!
July 21, 2011
Kids in the Kitchen

Kids in the Kitchen

“Ready Set Grover!”

This was the enticement for a day out with Sesame Street recently to promote a new Wii and Nintendo DS Video Game. Jemima (my 3yo) was super excited about the party – which she thought was someone’s birthday, being too young to understand what a “Media Launch” meant!

Luckily for us, it was like the best birthday party ever!

Elmo greeted us with balloons at the entrance of “White’s Cottage” in Lilyfield, an eco-sensitive house and garden venue for events with a conscience.

Ready Set Grover

As with all childrens’ parties, food is the number one element, and these guys got it oh-so right! No lollies, chocolate or chips in sight (hooray!) but healthy muffins, fruit kebabs, Elmo Yoghurts and yummy salad bun rolls courtesy of caterer and Balmain kids cooking school, Little Spoons.

After a warm-up session with the clever kids-exercise-experts at Animalates (think Pilates with animal-inspired movements) the children were treated to a hunt for Elmo out in the organic vege patch. Once Elmo was located, the kids had to gather capsicums and tomoatoes in their baskets, to use in pizza making. They all loved this highly educational and stimulating game, and it made me want to go straight home and dig a vegetable garden.

Hunting for Veges and Grover

Hunting for Veges and Grover

Back inside the cottage, tables were set up with pizza dough and wonderful fresh garden ingredients for the children to make their own pizzas. Add to that Cous-Cous, and they were all engrossed and loving the cooking class. Food cleared, it was time for a game of “Ready Set Grover” while the pizza’s cooked.

So by this stage everyone was in the “zone” of healthy eating, collecting garden fresh ingredients and being active. Which is just what you want your little ones learning and engaging in. The video game continued along this theme, with Grover on the Wii trying to catch all the vegetables and fruits in his bowl to eat. I love Wii – it gets the kids on their feet, frantically waving the remote around to control the game. Activity for the body and brain – and learning too. Clever Nintendo!

Active Animalates session

By the end of the two hours, the kids were exhausted but in a good way – certainly there was no amped-up sugar-fuelled craziness that you would normally expect at the end of such a party. Armed with a Nintendo Wii game or two to play at home, and some more Sesame St goodies, we left Elmo to clean up the mess. A sign of a successful day – Jemima slept the whole way home.

Video Review:

Ready Set GroverSesame Street: “Ready Set Grover”

Helping Children Develop Healthy Habits for Life.

A new video game for pre-schoolers  that promotes healthy eating habits and activities, available on Wii and Nintendo DS from 17th August 2011.

The game gets kids up and moving  through stretching, jumping and dancing, showing good hygeine practice and the benefits of eating healthy, through fun and active game play.

Grover sets out to create a series of challenges to help his Sesame St friends get up and go! Elmo and Abby jump over obstacles, row a boat, and play “Grover Says,” finishing off with relaxation and warm downs.

RRP: $49.95

More information click here.

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