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A Mother-Daughter Experience in Guang Zhou, China

Colleen Hinch and her 5-year old daughter Savannah had an amazing adventure in the bustling city of Guang Zhou in China, with husband Steve there on business. Both Mother and Daughter highly recommend the experience to any other Australian families. Colleen shares her experience with us…..

Map of China
Map of China Courtesy of Lonely Planet

Guang Zhou.

A massive city, so big no one seemed to know what the population was (11 million in fact.) Just 84 miles north of Hong Kong, most people get there by train. There is an international airport so you can fly directly there.

Even though the temperature was mild and pleasant the locals were really bundled up in winter clothes as it was so different from their humid tropical summer.

The Garden Hotel is the nicest hotel in Guang Zhou & provided the base for our stay. The room and surrounds were spacious with lovely gardens for Savannah to explore.


We had a lot of mother/daughter shopping time. I mostly bought clothes for gorgeous Savannah.
Just across the road from our hotel was the biggest shopping mall we’d ever been in. It had every style and price of clothes from high end designer to fun and funky local wear. Savannah became an instant hit wherever she went. She was even offered modelling jobs by several of the stores we visited.

The locals never seemed to tire of seeing us walking along together. Savannah got used to people stopping still to stare & take photos as they passed. She started to feel like a movie star and would smile and wave endearingly!

Every day we ventured beyond the urge to shop and found it simple to catch taxis wherever we needed to go. The concierge was most helpful writing notes of destinations in Mandarin  and Cantonese for the Taxi drivers.

Guang Zhou China

Parks & Play

A favourite destination was the Yuexiu Park, not so much a tourist destination but recommended by the concierge as great for Savannah. She loved the sculptures made out of plates and balls spoons, and a divine lake that you could rent a paddle boat.

Here I saw the true meaning of making friends. Finding a little boy of a similar age in the park, Savannah played happily with him for over an hour both chatting away though neither could understand a word the other said. They were firm friends by the time it came to wave goodbye.

Another special moment was the evening dinner cruise we enjoyed. A full banquet menu with loads of rice and noodles to keep Savannah happy, slowly moving down the shimmering evening waterways. It was so beautiful it felt as if all the buildings had special lighting displays just for us.

Colleens Safety tip.

  • Don’t believe the zebra crossing instructions or crossings.
  • Always use the overhead walkways if you can find them. Much safer.

Savannah’s parting words as they flew home to Australia

“China is so beautiful Mum, it’s so much more beautiful than Australia”


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