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AFL star Nic Naitanui’s new children’s book Little Nic’s Big World

West Coast Eagles AFL superstar Nic Naitanui is using his fame to make a difference with his latest children’s book, ELISA ELWIN writes

Nic Naitanui

Who is Nic Natanui?

You may know him as NicNat. He’s the well-known and much-loved ruckman of the West Coast Eagles. Born in Sydney to Fijian parents, Nic moved to Western Australia with his family as a child. He and his twin brother, Mark, were raised by their mother, who he credits with teaching him strong values of inclusion, compassion and making a difference. As well as being an AFL superstar, Nic is also an author and humanitarian who is committed to family.

New book – Little Nic’s Big World

Nic’s new book, Little Nic’s Big World, encourages kids to accept each other regardless of their background. As Nic puts it: “Give everyone a fair go”. Nic wrote the book for tots, teens and all human beings. “Let’s embrace our differences and celebrate our diversity!” he said. It is a follow up to his first children’s book, Little Nic’s Big Day, which was published by Allen & Unwin in 2019. 

Nic Naitanui book

Celebrating diversity

Full of child-friendly rhyming prose, this story talks about a multicultural fete at Little Nic’s school. He is baking his grandmother’s casava cake for his Fijian cultural contribution to the fete. Follow Little Nic as he spends the day sharing the culture, sport, art and music though his schoolmates. It is a celebration of the diversity in the Australian community, with two pages dedicated to the acknowledgement of our Traditional Owners and paying respect to elders showing the consideration given by Nic to our history and present.

Illustrations by Fatima Anaya

Beautiful illustrations clearly colour the message of diversity. Fatima Anaya, a graphic designer and children’s illustrator who lives in El Salvador, has worked with Nic on both his children’s books.

Little Nic’s Big World is published by Allen & Unwin. RRP $19.99. 

Nic Naitanui Little Nics Big Day

Nic’s first book for children Little Nic’s Big Day was published in 2019. Illustrated by Fatima Anaya 

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