Amazing Africa with Kids

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August 27, 2019
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Give your kids an experience they will never forget at one of these extraordinary wilderness retreats.

Lemala Cubs toasting marshmallows


Travelling to Africa with kids may seem a daunting prospect, but Lemala’s camps and lodges in Tanzania offer a wide range of fun, educational and interesting activities to help children discover the wonders of the African bush. Nothing can prepare a parent for the experience of seeing their child’s reaction as they catch sight of a lion, giraffe, or the pure delight on their face as they catch creepy crawlies that lurk in the grasslands of the camp.

See wild animals on safari during a stay at Lemala Lodge

Lemala aims to show future generations the importance of conservation and the preservation of Africa’s wildlife. Small children can get bored and restless on long drives or around camp if they are not entertained, but Lemala Cubs offers kids under 12 a wealth of interesting experiences, while Mum and Dad get some well-deserved downtime. They can learn how to throw blunt spears and use bow and arrows with the help of Maasai guides, track animals around the camp, and make plaster casts of their footprints (known as spoor).

Discover the African bush with Lemala Cubs

They can also sit under Acacia trees listening to African fables, help chefs in the kitchen as they prepare their favourite childhood meals, and roast marshmallows around the campfire in the evening.


Children riding ponies at Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

Tucked between mountains, forest and sea, this luxury eco-reserve near the southern tip of Africa is set within 2,500ha of natural shrubland and heathland known as fynbos. Its Garden and Forest lodges, which each have their own fine dining restaurants, offer breathtaking views over Walker Bay from their 27 impressive suites. There are also two exclusive private villas which come with their own staff, including a private chef, and an infinity pool. Itineraries are curated for each guest and offer anything from on-water safaris glimpsing the marine big five (whales, sharks, seals, penguins and dolphins), to exploring the botanical world of the Western Cape.

A family by the pool at Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

The culinary team specialise in creative dishes comprising fresh, organic ingredients and locally-sourced produce. Most recently the team has worked to create innovative vegetarian and vegan menus. Tailor-made adventure packages encourage kids to learn about the symbiotic relationship between animals and plants in a gentle, non-intimidating manner – a dedicated playground with paddocks, petting zoo and trampoline, guided daily horse rides and lazy days cuddling a bunny, feeding a piglet, and collecting free-range eggs for breakfast.

A family on safari at Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

More than a luxury experience, Grootbos is deeply committed to the conservation of the Cape Floral Kingdom, sustainability practices and helping local communities.