An Apple a Day Keeps Kids’ Boredom Away

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December 13, 2011
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Apple LightBoard for iPad

Apple LightBoard for iPad
Remember the old days? Kids and stuff crammed in the car and on the plane. “Are we there yet?” Road trip and holiday essentials. Games, books, movies, music, colouring-in and quiz books. Anything and everything to keep the kids happy, entertained and quiet.

All this and more is accessed by one of three amazing Apple products.The IPod Touch, IPod and IPhone can carry almost more entertainment than a month-long holiday can cope with. Get one or all 3.

The question isn’t whether to invest in any of these incredible essentials, but how do I keep up to date with the huge range of apps available and growing by the second?

Apple took Out & About with Kids along on a half-day road trip to showcase the latest and hottest kid-happy holiday apps. Here are a few of our favourites.

Griffin Crayola ColorStudio HD

Pens, paints, pencils, textas and crayons all replaced by this fantastic app. Convenient ink, no mess, totally kid and parent safe. Make your iPad a live colouring book with all your favourite Crayola colours. AUD$39.95 inc. GST


Jelly Car 2

Pick Up Sticks

Trivial Pursuit Master Edition for iPad

Monopoly for iPad

Scrabble for iPad

We will post weekly on our Facebook page keeping you up to date with fantastic new family-friendly holiday apps as we find them. Then all you have to do is remember the charger.

Appsolutley too simple.

Have a fantastic family holiday season.

Elisa Elwin is a Publisher, Travel Writer, Social Worker and parent to 2 teenage daughters Sam & Tori. With family far and wide, they visit and spread their wings a couple of times a year.