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Attraction profile: Cosmos Centre and Observatory



Cosmos Centre and Observatory

Attraction type

Cosmos Centre and Observatory has something for everyone. It’s loved by big kids, little kids, the young at heart and even people who have absolutely no interest in the stars or astronomy.

Most children under four will have difficulty closing one eye to look through the telescope, so they can enjoy the complex for free.

Two experiences at the Cosmos Centre really appeal to kids: the opportunity to view distant stars and planets through powerful telescopes and they get to hold a ‘shooting star’ in their hands.

Contact details

Phone number: 07 4654 7771

Website URL: cosmoscentre.com

Email address: [email protected]

Street address: 1 Milky Way, Charleville 4470


756km east of Brisbane in outback Queensland (9 hrs drive)

Cosmos Interactive Displays CHARLEVILLE COMPRESSED

Family appeal

From the cradle, ‘Twinkle twinkle little star’ is a family favourite. At the Cosmos Observatory, kids get to see real stars through powerful telescopes.

Charlesville Cosmos Centre

Kid-friendly programs

At night the telescopes speak for themselves – and during the day the kids get to hold a real shooting star in their hands.

What’s in it for Mums?

The guides speak in plain English and not complicated astronomy terms. It means the kids get to understand what they are looking at … and so do their mums!

Did you know?

Hidden secret – we can star gaze during the day… can you guess what star we look at?

Cosmos Centre and Observatory

Attraction profile supplied by Cosmos Centre and Observatory and correct at time of publication, October 2014


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