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Aussie World, Sunshine Coast, is our kind of Family Fun!

A family getaway to Queensland isn’t complete without an Aussie World theme park experience filled with endless fun that will create a lifetime of family holiday memories to treasure.

aussie world gold coast family fun
SX360 Ride at Aussie World

Aussie World on the Sunshine Coast is the perfect place to keep every family member entertained, from the tiny tots having their first theme park experience to the thrill seekers looking for that adrenalin rush.

But it’s not just the rides that complete the experience at Aussie World – it’s the live events and entertainment as well as a first-class dining experience at Queensland’s most iconic venue, the Banana Bender Pub.

Here’s just a few of the reasons every family visiting Queensland should make Aussie World their number one theme park choice.

aussie world sunshine coast for thrillseekers family fun
Aussie World has rides for all ages

Aussie World for tiny tots and toddlers

There’s no better place to bring your little ones for their first theme park experience. With a range of toddler-friendly rides and attractions providing hours of entertainment, including the carousel and Ferris wheel, water play area and mini golf, to name a few.

If you pick the right time to visit, you can take your little ones to a Tiny Tots event, which offers three hours of fun for just $20. Remember: Tiny Tots events happen on the first Thursday of every month (except during school holidays) and there are limited tickets available; therefore, secure yours by booking online and in advance of your visit!

Book Aussie World for Tiny Tots

aussie world sunshine coast for thrillseekers
Aussie World has rides for thrillseekers

Aussie World for thrill seekers

Visitors looking for more adrenalin-pumping fun have a variety of thrills to choose from.

Aussie World’s newest ride, The Wasp, gives riders the chance to choose their thrill level as they shoot from side to side in the air at high speed, while the Redback rotates along a track reaching heights of 13 metres in the air.

Don’t forget the iconic log ride that makes a splash! Climb aboard a hollowed-out log and flow through the waterways before climbing upwards then plunging at speed down the watery ramp.

For some added scare factor, dare to brave the Mayhem Maze – a walk through scare attraction that will leave you running out the door in fear.

Aussie World is continuing its roll-out of thrill rides with the SX360 due to open soon, and a new rollercoaster in the pipeline.

Events and live entertainment at Aussie World

There’s a never-ending supply of family-friendly events and live entertainment in the Aussie World precinct.

Don’t Miss These Great Events at Aussie World Over The Holidays; click here to find out about upcoming events. Plan your visit in time and give your children an unforgettable day. 

aussie world sunshine coast night rides
Visit Aussie World at night for a completely different experience to daytime.

Ride the Night at Aussie World

If you haven’t experienced the thrill of a theme park at night, Aussie World is the place to do it!

Grab your family for the next Ride the Night event and enjoy a unique and unforgettable experience for all ages.

Aussie World is completely different in the dark. Whether it’s spinning through the night on the Redback, shooting through the air and dropping your stomach on the Bombora Bounce – riding in the dark adds a whole new dimension of challenge to your favourite ride.

Keep an eye on the Aussie World website and socials for the announcement of the next Ride the Night event.

aussie world sunshine coast banana bender pub
The Banana Bender Pub at Aussie World

A unique dining experience at Aussie World

Sunshine Coast locals and visitors have a nostalgic connection to the iconic Banana Bender Pub, which has come a long way since its early days, transforming into a fun and vibrant dining experience.

The combination of a modern Australian restaurant, Mango’s Bar and Grill, the pub and its many uniquely themed bars throughout featuring quirky Aussie artifacts, is what makes this gastropub so iconic on the coast.

New head chef Diego Melis takes visitors on a culinary journey featuring fresh local produce with a literal world of knowledge, which he has brought with him from his hometown of Sardinia, Italy.

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