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Australia Zoo

No family visit to the Sunshine Coast is complete without a trip to the Australia Zoo, named Queensland’s Major Tourist Attraction three years running.

Everyone knows the Irwin family and their larger-than-life media profile, but it’s the two newest encounters getting attention at the moment. It’s now the only zoo in the world where visitors can get their hands on a live komodo dragon. The Rascally Red Panda Encounter is a far cuter (and less threatening) alternative if cold-blooded reptiles are not your thing.

Australia Zoo is a sure bet for school holiday events to keep the entire family amused. Check the website for the constantly updating schedule.

Where: Beerwah on the Sunshine Coast

Who: All ages.


Adult $59

Child: $35

Pensioner / Student: $46

Family 4: (2 adults, 2 children): $172

Family 5: (2 adults, 3 children): $189

*Prices subject to change. Please check the Australia Zoo website

(by Roderick Eime)


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