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Australia’s top 5 National Parks for kids

\Kids love National Parks. From scrambling over and through boulders and chasms to walking trails that lead to “Whoa, check that out” views.

Here’s 5 top Australian National Parks for kids:

1. Litchfield National Park – Northern Territory

When the falls are flowing, this is a natural water-park. There’s only one way for kids to explore these slippery delights – by jumping on a pool noodle and swimming in pristine waterholes, or sliding and slipping down smooth rocks into cascading pools.

For more detailed information on Litchfield National Park, click here.

2. Kakadu National Park – Northern Territory

Spirits dance, and kids connect with ancient cultures in Kakadu. Watching sunsets from escarpments, discovering rock art and aboriginal stories and beliefs and spotting crocs submerged in billabongs – this is one National Park they’ll never forget.

For more detailed information on Kakadu National Park, click here.

3. Alpine National Park – Victoria

Kids coo-ee over twisted treetops and marvel at mountain ranges that go on forever. Victoria’s alps are dramatic ancient mountain ranges. In winter it’s a snowy wonderland. In spring the wildflowers bloom. The tiny Mountain Pygmy Possum is found here, as are high country cattle huts with legends of stockmen, explorers and ancient Indigenous camp sites.

For more detailed information on Alpine National Park, click here.

4. Great Sandy National Park – Fraser Island

Hands up who wants to go to the largest sand island in the world? And while you’re

Kids love swimming in the crystal waters of Lake Mackenzie. On Fraser Island they can peer though portholes of the Maheno ship wreck at low tide. They can roll down the sand dunes and into the icy cold water at Lake Wabby. And they can snorkel around volcanic rock at the Champagne Pools. The sound of howling dingos is one they will never forget. And don’t get us started on prehistoric rainforests. This is a true Jurassic Park adventure.

For more detailed information on Great Sandy National Park, click here.

5. Ikara – Flinders Ranges National Park – South Australia

Close encounters with wildlife and night sky is what Flinders Ranges is all about. Bounding kangaroos and wallabies, strutting emus, soaring eagles, waddling echidnas and wombats – you’ll meet them all. Look up and you will see dozens of shooting stars in the Milky Way. Flinders’ Ranges Wilpena Pound is a much-loved camping location and the centre for hosted ranger talks and walks. It’s a natural amphitheatre, an impressive ring of mountains that has the environment take centre stage.

For more detailed information on Ikara – Flinders Rangers National Park, click here.

Author: Andrea Rowe is The Coastwriter. Mum of keen 8 and 11 year old travellers. Her family has pitched their tent all over the world including six months in a camper trailer around Australia.


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