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Bali – a girls’ week in heaven

Nothing like a girls’ week in Bali. Especially when it’s a mother and her two daughters who love to swim, shop and spa. Not necessarily in that order.
Follow their adventures as they enjoy some solid family mother-daughter time on the divine island of Bali.

Tori and Sam Herbert


Tori at Serene VillasFirst day in Bali! Absolutely amazing…

Despite tiredness from the slight 3-hours-behind jet lag, the excitement had set in. A quick breakfast at the hotel and we were off to explore  Kuta.

I have been to Bali once, eight years ago, so my memories are a bit hazy. Walking around Kuta the vibrant and buzzing energy of Bali returned as we tackled our disorientation of where we were. With no intentions and no where to be, we walked aimlessly around the town square entering little stalls which filled the spaces around Kuta. Tiny stands crammed with masses of sunglasses, shoes, bags etc. We quickly became adept to the bartering system of Bali, arguing and negotiating an appropriate price on behalf of both parties. In one street we manoeuvred our way through every shop, buying necklaces, sandals and the local clothing attire.

TiTori and Sam at Kuta Beachred, our feet hurting, we dawdled onto the beach to be swamped by women calling and pleading that we buy whatever they had to offer. Massages, manicures, pedicures, bracelets, hats, dresses, you name it. After a massage that was meant to be relaxing but that turned into a stressful yet funny opportunity for beach side hawkers to make their “first sale of the day”. Looking forward to some peace we headed off to the Serene Villas to get. The taxi or “taksi” driver weaved through the traffic to our new destination that was absolutely breathtaking .

Serene Villas Seminyak
Serene Villas SeminyakWe were greeted to our secluded private villa, containing three different luxurious bedrooms with its own ensuite, an expansive living room with a kitchen and our own private pool. And of course we were greeted by our own private butler/chef who was ready to answer all of our questions. We quickly adapted and lay by the pool, soaking up the last night sun of the day.

After a home made meal from our private chef, we headed out to have a walk around Seminyak. The nightlife, buzzing and alive, filled the streets. Happening bars and restaurants filled with tourists streamed music from the confined spaces making it seem even more enticing.

We then headed to Ku de Ta – a beautiful beachfront restaurant with three different bars. We celebrated our arrival to Bali with cocktails by the beachfront. Soon heading home to sleep off the extended day. Cant wait for tomorrow!

To be continued…


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