Totally unreal simulated experiences for your family

So, you’re a family of adrenaline junkies. You thrive on the thrills and spills, on the teamwork, on getting your heart racing, and on the storytelling afterwards. But what about when it rains? With simulated reality experiences like VR, you’ll find that the same intrigue, action and excitement can be enjoyed indoors. Here are our top picks from new Virtual Reality experiences you can visit as a family:

Kids enjoy a Virtual Reality experience Picture: Shutterstock/ Iakov Filimonov

VR Plus, Melbourne

Recommended for anyone over the age of 10 years, VR Plus offers enormous scope when it comes to Virtual Reality games. Listen to the briefing, whack on a headset and then dive into a multiplayer experience with your family in adjacent VR booths. You can unravel a mystery in the simulated Escape Room, move in time to the beat of your favourite songs with Audioshield, build 3-dimensional models with Google Blocks, make like Batman and fly over Arkham, or land on the moon with Apollo 11. Some games are specially designed for first-timers looking to get the hang of the controls. Each session generally lasts for an hour, and you’ll need to book in advance.

Zero Latency, Brisbane

With a whole host of worlds to enter, each game lasting different lengths, this is an awesome way for anyone over 13 to experience free-roam VR technology. In Engineerium, the first ever physics-based VR puzzle, you’ll test your coordination as you overcome obstacles in a marine alien world. Experience a world without gravity in ‘Singularity,’ set on a space station invaded by drones and robots. Older groups of up to 8 people can stave off zombies using team work to rebuild a fort and keep the undead at bay in ‘Zombie Survival,’ which is not for the faint-hearted and best suited to teens!

Be fully immersed in an imaginative world Picture: alphaspirit/Shutterstock

Holoverse, Gold Coast

Holoverse is the only place in the world offering an experience in new holographic technology. Here, you can delve in and out of fantasy worlds and ancient civilisations across the whopping forty hologram rooms on offer. Don’t miss out on the family-friendly experience which is certified for anyone over 6 years of age. Parents will have to use their discretion regarding appropriate content, which varies in rating from room to room.

Escape Rooms, Sydney

Although they aren’t digital in nature, we couldn’t help adding Escape Room experiences to our list. A twist on reality, Escape Rooms will see your family try and crack the mystery before the time runs out and you are trapped forever! Recreating puzzling scenarios in elaborate settings, you’ll feel totally immersed in your mystery world. The popularity of the experience has meant Escape Rooms are popping up all over. Our favourites in Sydney include PaniqRoom, where teens and parents can choose between environments like a Military Bunker or Magician’s House, or Escape Hunt, which offers three rooms of varying difficulty which you can tackle in costume. There are also the Enigma RoomMission Real Lifeand Break the Code.

You’ll have to think outside the box to crack the code Picture: Shutterstock/ Viacheslav Nikolaenko

After testing these out, you’ll find yourselves wishing for rain every weekend! Opportunities like these to immerse yourselves in different worlds and work together as a family are only getting better as more and more virtual reality technology is developed. It is important to be careful and choose age-appropriate content. Coming face to face with fantasy can be confronting, especially as VR can feel so realistic. Violent games involving conflict are probably best left to older participants.


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