Australia’s famous Children’s Birthday Cake Book is back!

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Every now the then, a piece of news comes out that brings the entire office to a standstill. When our office manager, Belle, announced that Australian Women’s Weekly is printing a vintage edition of the famous Children’s Birthday Cake Book, we all erupted.

Reminiscing over of echidna cakes, jelly swimming pools and marshmallow barbies, it’s clear that this book is held in the highest regard among Aussie families.

Australian Women’s Weekly Children’s Birthday Cake Book

First published in 1980, Australia’s most famous cook book sits proudly on the shelves of more than a million homes. Today, public outcry for this culinary masterpiece to return to shelves has been answered. You can now purchase the Vintage Edition Collectors’ Cookbook.

As a child, these cakes were the hallmark of a good birthday party. I have fond memories of afternoons spent baking in my childhood kitchen, using every possible utensil and disappearing when it came time for clean-up. The peak of my baking career? A slightly lop-sided barbie with edible silver pearls and sickly-sweet pink icing.

Looking to relive the bake-baking glory days? Grab your copy from your nearest bookstore or from