Cabbage Patch Kids Celebrates 35 years

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June 8, 2018
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June 9, 2018

You’re invited to come and celebrate the birthday of Cabbage Patch Kids.

The soft, stitched dolls have been a family favourite for 35 years now. Cabbage Patch Kids are marking this important anniversary with a party and special giveaways.

From 10am to 1pm on July 7th, Melbourne City Myer Store is hosting the event in their Toy Department. Sydneysiders can jump in on the action when the festivities move north to Sydney City Myer Toy Department, from 10am to 1pm on July 14th.

You will receive a personalised birth certificate with every Cabbage Patch purchase you make during the Myer party.

Twelve Cabbage Patch Cuties will be given away every hour between 10 am and 1 pm, valued at $29 each.

Legend has it that BabyLand General creator Xavier Roberts stumbled on the Cabbage Patch Kids in a secret cave behind a waterfall. Cabbage Patch Kids are born when magic dust is sprinkled on a mother cabbage, and Xavier Roberts made the promise to find them all a home.

Bring some of that magic to your home this July, with a special 35th birthday twist.

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