Can you escape the Easter Bunny?

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Easter Egg treat

Easter Egg treat

My three and a half year old has eaten more chocolate in a five day period, than I would normally eat in five months!

The day before Good Friday saw her first egg hunt at daycare, coming home with one large chocolate bunny and half a dozen eggs. Some were eaten; some went in the fridge for later.

On Good Friday we went to a friend’s house for lunch where upon arrival, our lovely host delightedly gave each toddler a massive 350gram bunny, and of course the kids were rapt. Try wrangling that off a three year old, asking them to wait until after lunch – yeah right. (What about the etiquette of handing over junk food to friends children before asking permission from the parents!??)

Easter Saturday was the day for our family holiday celebration, with 8 adults for lunch, and 5 grandkids all under 7, running around our house high on energy, as the rain bucketed down outside. We did manage to get a chicken sandwich into them before the Egg Hunt, but once those baskets were filled with Cadbury Goodness (guessing about half a kilo per child) there was no stopping them. Oh – I forgot to add the chocolate cake that Grandma made for dessert – fantastic!

Easter Egg Hunt

So by Sunday morning my delightful little daughter was cranky, tired, constipated, and sick of being inside. However as it was Easter Sunday, we of course had to go on an adventure to find where the Easter Bunny had hidden more family treats.

Come Monday, we declared our house a Chocolate Free Zone. Toddler was very compliant, as she understood why she felt so cranky & “yucky” was because of all the sugar. Our good intentions vanished however when neighbours dropped in with yet another Easter Egg for her. WHEN WILL THIS CONSUMPTION STOP?? I scream.

The only thing I am truly grateful for is not being in a car on the F3 back to Sydney along with every other holiday maker, and a grumpy over-stimulated child in the back. For a great article on healthy eating on the road, see Travel Tips for Tots.

Perhaps next year I will be more strict with what my toddler gets and what goes away. I did try – honest – but how do you intercept guests at the front door brandishing shiny bright Easter Eggs, and take away their anticipated joy in handing them over to your child?

If you have any advice for escaping the Easter Bunny in 2012, I’m all ears!

Until next time