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Treetops Central Coast: All You Need to Know Before You Go!

Get lost in the treetops. Sail through the canopy and get stuck in a spider’s nest. With ninety challenges, eighteen flying foxes and a highest point of fourteen metres above ground – Are you brave enough to tackle Tree Top Adventure Park?

Happy girl ziplining at Treetops Central Coast. Picture Treetops
Happy girl ziplining at Treetops Central Coast. Picture: Treetops

Treetops Adventure Central Coast

Tree Tops Central Coast is five minutes from the F1 in Ourimbah State Forest. It’s one of a franchise of three with similar set- ups in Newcastle and Western Sydney.

This is a well-organised operation. Large groups easily catered for. Safety is paramount. All climbers are given an introduction and detailed “how to” instructions before a practice climb on the short just-above-ground course.

No special knowledge or skills are required to do The Tree top Adventure. The click-clack system that ensures climbers are always safely secured to the wires along the course.

Once mastered it quickly becomes intuitive. Complete the practice course and you are ready to work you way through the forest at your own pace.

The courses have a wide variety of challenges. Expect rope wires, wooden platforms, flying foxes, swings and wobbly bridges as you climb higher and deeper into forest. Each course gets harder as climbers progress.

Young boy having fun at Treetops Adventure Central Coast
Young boy having fun at Treetops Adventure Central Coast

At Tree Top Adventure there are courses suitable for all ages and skills

The courses are colour-coded and rated according to appropriate climber age and skillset needed to master the challenge. Staff can help chose the most appropriate for the skill, experience, fitness and confidence of the climbers.

Younger kids (3 to 9 years)

Younger kids can learn basic skills on a watered down and lower-to-the-ground course specifically for them. Parents are able to supervise their children from the ground.

Juniors (over 10 or taller that 140 cm)

Juniors can tackle the challenges on the Blue, Green and Red courses. They must climb with a supervising adult, but can share that adult with other junior climbers to a maximum ratio of four juniors to one adult. All this is sorted out on arrival when the must-sign waiver forms are brought out.

Teenagers (over 16) and adults

Teenagers and adults can try the Black course – which has the hardest – and highest challenges.

Or take it one step further and pre-book for a night time Extreme Adventure. Explore the courses in the dark with just a head torch to light the way.


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