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Cockington Green Gardens

It’s rare that you return to a place you visited as a child to discover that it’s actually more magical than you remember. Usually the mists of time result in expectation exceeding reality. However, Cockington Green is one of those places.

This meticulously manicured miniature world, located in Canberra’s Gold Creek tourist precinct, is an absolute nirvana for toddlers and their parents.

Within 20 steps of the entry gate, you’ll pass a country mansion, watch a barge boat plying a canal, stroll past a game of village cricket, and try to resist the urge to hide behind the turrets of a Scottish castle. And that’s just on one side of the path.

There’s also a turf maze (best viewed by clambering up the stairs to a special observation platform), and a number of mechanised exhibits just waiting for a kid’s touch to set them hurtling into action. Pushing a button sends a model Express Train to London on its way again; another button sends a series of windmills into a spinning frenzy.

However, the highlight is a ride on the garden’s very own miniature puffing billy. For $3 (under fours are free) you’ll get two laps of the international section of the garden that features everything from Egyptian pyramids to Peru’s Machu Picchu.

When: The park is open every day, 9:30am-5pm, except Christmas day and Boxing day.

Who: All ages.

Buy a Canberra 3 in Fun ticket, includes entry to Cockington Green Gardens, Questacon and Australian Institute of Sport

(by Tim the Yowie Man)



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