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Best 5 Things to Do in Coffs Coast with Kids

The Coffs Coast has been a favourite holiday destination for families since your parents were kids, and while some of the same attractions remain, like the beautiful beaches and the Big Banana, there are plenty of new additions. Here are five of the best:

1. The Big Banana Fun Park - Coffs Harbour

Young girls taking a picture at The Big Banana in Coffs Harbour
Young girls taking a picture at The Big Banana in Coffs Harbour

This icon is far more than just a large fiberglass banana these days. They still sell chocolate-coated bananas and recently the banana has found a mate, a large fiberglass monkey. Be sure to have a ride on the downhill toboggan and a game of laser tag while you’re here.

2. Dolphin Marine Conservation Park

This marine park still puts on a great display, showcasing the skill and agility of these clever marine mammals, but these days there’s a far greater emphasis on education and marine conservation with the daily Marine Discovery presentations and behind the scenes tours. The daily Marine Discovery presentation shows kids what they can do to help protect the world’s oceans and every visitor gets an opportunity to receive a free kiss from the friendly dolphins and cheeky seals.

3. Diving, snorkeling & swimming in NSW

Jetty Dive can take you out to the South Solitary Islands to explore sub-tropical waters, complete with pretty corals, and plenty of marine life. You’re almost guaranteed to spot turtles, and if you’re really lucky, manta rays. In the winter months, the Jetty Dive boat transforms into a whale-watching boat, which gets you out to the whale-breaching action so fast you won’t have time to be seasick.

4. Sea kayaking and surf rafting

Kids getting ready for their surf rafting adventure
Kids getting ready for their surf rafting adventure

Sea Kayaking is the perfect way to get up close with the dolphins and turtles that frequent the sub-tropical waters here, whereas if you want something a little more adrenalin-pumping, try surf rafting. It’s a bit like white water rafting except you catch waves instead of navigating rapids.

5. Surf lessons on the Coffs Coast

There are lots of great surf beaches along the Coffs Coast,and if you need lessons, there are several surf schools to choose from, including Solitary Islands Surf School, Lee Winkler’s Surf School and East Coast Surf School.


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