Cute & Clever! Fun New Feeder for Bub

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Cutesy Feeder

This is one of those new products that is perfect for travelling with babies!

Cutesy FeederTwo clever Sydney mums decided that there must be a better way to feed their babies on the go, rather than fussing around with teats, lids and spoons in the bottom of nappy bags. The new “Cutesy” feeding bottle is both a bottle AND a spoon feeder, making the transition from liquids to solids so much easier.

The hygenic two in one solution lets you store and feed milk and other liquids using the fitted teat. Then when baby is ready for purees, yoghurts and custards, you simply change the teat to the spoon and squeeze the bottle gently, letting a small amount of food out onto the spoon. It’s brilliant and can all be done with one hand!

We also love that the Cutesy is 100% Australian owned and BPA Free.

The 150 ML Weaning Bottle is $14.95 and comes in pink and green. Best for infants 4-6 months.

The 270 ML Weaning Bottle is $18.95 and also comes in pink and green. For the older more experienced eater.

Both bottles can be purchased online at