Cute moulting baby penguins at SEA LIFE Sydney

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February 28, 2014
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February 28, 2014

Little Penguin Moutling at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium 2

Moulting Little Penguins – cute or not? You be the judge. SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, like a proud mother, is excited to showcase several moulting Little Penguins!

Only occurring once per year, Little Penguins will moult – or in other words shed their old feathers – to make room for fluffs of new feathers that provide them with the water proofing needed to glide effortlessly through the water. With that said, the Little Penguin’s beach-themed display at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium is full of feathers and bedraggled penguins missing tufts of plumage.

“It’s like cleaning up after a pillow fight,” said Martin Garwood, Marine Biologist for SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium. “Our Little Penguins moult once a year and during this three week period it’s feathers everywhere!”

For just two weeks from February 19, visitors to SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium can get a closer look at these not-so-adorable moulting Little Penguins before they grow their new coat of feathers.

Little Penguins face numerous threats in their natural environment, including: habitat loss, injury caused by water sports, attacks from domestic pets, pollution and more.

Little Penguin Moutling at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium 3

With the Little Penguin population in jeopardy, under their Breed, Rescue, Protect programme SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium hopes to inspire the public to make steps in protecting these special creatures and their habitats for future generations to enjoy. The Aquarium also participates in an international breeding and animal population management program to optimize the genetic diversity of these animals in aquariums and zoos worldwide.

For the more information on SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, including schedules, hours and prices, visit or call 02 8251 7800.

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