Dad and Celebrity Chef Pete Evans on Travelling

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June 28, 2011
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June 28, 2011
Pete Evans with Family

Pete Evans with Family

Where is your favourite family holiday spot in Australia, and why?

Lord Howe Island in the Tasman Sea and just two hours’ flight from Sydney or Brisbane. It is so peaceful and there’s something for everyone – surfing, fishing, diving, snorkelling with turtles, bike riding. It’s great for kids as it is safe, there are hardly any cars and you can really relax as a family

Where is your favourite family holiday spot internationally, and why?

We just did a ski trip to Park City, Utah which we loved.  The kids did ski school nearly every day for two weeks and got really good at skiing. The weather is great, the resorts have heated pools and some of the best food and shopping you can imagine.

What’s your fondest childhood holiday memory?

Camping at Noosa in the days before it was crowded, with my mate and his dad, catching mud crabs, surfing and fishing. The simple things in life are always the best

What is your top tip for a family driving holiday?

That’s easy, portable DVD players! And make sure the kids get some exercise before you head off.

Any hints for flying with kids?

If they have some books to read, some colouring to do and an iPod or iPad for them to watch their favourite shows they will be alright.  And pack good healthy snacks they like, like fruit and sushi.

Describe your funniest holiday moment?

I was in San Sebastian, Spain about eight years ago and the local soccer team had won the country’s national tournament and the whole city turned into a giant party. The locals were so crazy I was too scared to leave the hotel.

Do you have a dream family destination?

T o be honest, I actually can’t go past Park City, Utah. It offers the best fun for all of us.