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Disney Star Paxton Booth Basks in the World

A love of history, food, cars and BMX bikes has fuelled a love of travel for nine-year-old Paxton Booth, who stars in the Disney Channel’s Coop and Cami Ask the World

paxton during a tour of the colloseum in rome
Paxton at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida

Hi Paxton Booth. You’ve grown up in Ventura, California. What do you love about it? Why should Aussie families visit?

Ventura is such a cool little surf town. It’s really mellow and full of family-owned businesses and has lots of style. The weather is almost always perfect. I think Aussie families would have a great time in California. We have some of the best amusement parks, like Disneyland Resort, Knott’s Berry Farm and Universal Studios Hollywood, which are all within driving distance. There are also many movie/TV lots that offer tours, so you can get a really cool behind-the-scenes look at how movies are made. You can even catch a taping of a TV show while in LA.

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What do you love about travelling?

My favourite subject in school is history, so learning about different cities and cultures in person is even better than reading it in a book. I also like to try different foods.

paxton loved the neon museum in las vegas
Paxton loved the Neon Museum in Las Vegas

What is your favourite US travel destination?

I just came home from a trip to Las Vegas, so that’s my favourite right now. The lights, beautiful buildings and nonstop people watching is a lot of fun. I did a zipline about seven storeys above Fremont St and got a birds-eye view of it all. We also went to the Neon Museum that has a bunch of old signs from old casinos. It’s kind of like a graveyard for neon signs and technology displayed in an artful way.

Paxton, tell us about your work trips

Lots of filming is done in LA, so that’s where I spend most of my time. Disney Channel also sent my family and I to Walt Disney World Resort in Florida to shoot for a few days. That was such an awesome trip. Not only did I get to film inside the park, but I got to do so while riding the rides! 

Paxton at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida
Paxton at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida

What about personal trips overseas?

My family and I went Rome in Italy last year for my birthday. It was an amazing trip! There was so much history in every place we visited. The food was delicious and I think I ate my weight in crepes. I want to go back and take a tour of Northern Italy next time. I’d also love to catch a fashion show in Milan!

What’s the coolest thing you’ve seen or done while travelling?

A tour of the Colosseum in Rome. Before taking the trip I read as much as I could about it. Seeing it with my own eyes put all the pieces together and was such an amazing site. When taking the tour they didn’t just talk about the battles that took place, but also how the city was developed.

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with scooby and friends at universal studios hollywood
With Scooby and friends at Universal Studios Hollywood

You also really love cars. What’s your favourite car museum?

Yes, I’m a car guy for sure! My favourite car museum is The Petersen Automotive Museum in LA. It has an amazing collection and they do a good job of telling the history of each vehicle. It’s a huge building and they are constantly changing out their exhibits. You can find everything from movie cars to race cars to good old-fashioned hot rods.

Riding BMX bikes is another passion. Where’s your favourite place to do it?

Woodward West in Tehachapi, California. It’s a camp where kids can learn how to ride/skate from professionals, or just ride the many skateparks on their own. They have an indoor park and several outside parks, dirt jumps and even an airbag to practise tricks on safely.

Image 1 Paxton Booth stars in Coop Cami Ask The World on Foxtels Disney Channel Image 2 Woodward West in California is perfect for mini BMX bandits
Image 1: Paxton Booth stars in Coop & Cami Ask The World on Foxtel’s Disney Channel; Image 2: Woodward West in California is perfect for mini BMX bandits

Where’s one place in the world you would really like to go?

Tasmania for sure! I recently did a report on the Tasmanian devil and fell in love with them. Visiting a sanctuary and learning more about them would be an awesome trip!

Coop and Cami Ask the World can be seen at 8.15am weekdays on Foxtel’s Disney Channel.


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