Disneyland Makes Dreams Come True

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September 16, 2014
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September 18, 2014

Winner of Escape Travel’s 2013 Family Travel Reviewer title, Adelaide mum, Bianca Wordley, travelled to California with her family as part of her Escape Travel prize, and was delighted when her own childhood dreams come true at Disneyland!

Escape Bianca Disneyland Minnie & Parade

Ever since I was a little girl I’ve heard stories of friends visiting Disneyland. I’ve watched Tinkerbell fly across the castle and I’ve seen images of Mickey Mouse greeting fans. I thought it looked lovely, but I’d never harbored a great desire to go because I knew there was never a chance my family could afford it.

Even after having three girls, Disneyland has never been a much-discussed destination. I suppose it’s because we couldn’t see how we’d ever be able to fly our family of five over to California. That was until we won the Escape Travel Family Reviewer competition and it all changed. For the first time ever, Disneyland became a possibility.

Escape Bianca Disneyland 1 with 3 girls

Suddenly we began talking about Disneyland a lot and there was ongoing debate over who was everyone’s favourite Disney character and princess. We watched loads of footage on YouTube and scanned the park maps so we knew exactly where to find all our much-loved Disney friends.

Escape Bianca Disneyland vertical parade Mickey

And then, just like magic, we found ourselves standing at the gates to Disneyland. It was one of the most surreal and wonderful moments our family’s ever experienced together. We all held hands and walked into the magical world of Disney. It was everything, and more than, we’d ever imagined. It was pure joy.

The park itself, and the neighboring Disney California Adventure Park, is massive. We spent one-and-half days there, which was enough for our children who range in age from 3 to 7. I think if you had older children or if you were going without kids (and believe me there were many child-at-heart adults there) you could spend a few days exploring both lands and still not see it all. There’s something there for all ages.

But the must-see for everyone is the parade. As the sun sets, crowds line the boulevard and watch floats packed with all their favourite friends. It is such a delightful experience. As soon as I saw Mickey Mouse turn the corner on top of his float and the Mickey Mouse song rang out in the cool night air, a big lump built up in my chest. I grabbed my girls’ close and held my husband’s hand as I cried tears of happiness. Disneyland is without a doubt where dreams come true.

Escape Bianca with Minnie Disneyland

And to Escape Travel you made our dreams come true. Thank you.

Images: Brett Hartwig