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Jenn Sandercock's edible games are a lot of fun. Picture: Jenn Sandercock.

Want something super fun to do with your kids? Need a new party idea? An Australian Game designer plans to release a cookbook filled with edible games.

Jenn Sandercock’s edible games cookbook is creating a lot of buzz online, particularly with families.

“I love experimenting and pushing the boundaries of game design, so about five years ago I started coming up with ways to make games out of food,” Jenn says.

The games designer, originally from Melbourne, but now based in Seattle, even has a game that will make the kids eat their vegetables.

Edible games

Vegeland is a whole lot of fun. Picture: Jenn sandercock

Veggieland is a little bit like Candyland.  A board is set up with vegetables placed along a path to a sweet prize. Kids roll two dice and move their marker to the corresponding location. 

Land on a vegetable and you have a choice:  “You can choose to eat it or, you could say ‘Actually, I really hate those particular vegetables, I’m just going to stay here and not advance’ but the first to the finish the game gets a lot of stuff, so you’re incentivised to keep going and trying different vegetables,” Jenn told Out & About With Kids.

Vegeland edible game

Roll the dice to see what you have to eat. Picture: Jenn Sandercock

Jenn recommends Chocolate Jam Assassin for families who love to go camping

The three-player game is simple to play. Each person is given two chocolates. One person is given two chocolate-filled chocolates. The second is given two vanilla-filled chocolates and the third two jam-filled chocolates. They all look the same. To tell the difference, you need to eat them. 

Each player eats one chocolate to start the game.  The person who devours the chocolate-filled treat is named the “chocolate monarch”.

The other two players must then convince the chocolate monarch to eat their chocolate next. 

“The other people know what they’ve eaten – f the Chocolate Monarch eats the jam, they’re dead and the Jam Assassin wins,” Jenn says. 

Jenn Sandercock

Jen Sandercock in her kitchen. Picture: Jenn Sandercock

Tastebud is blind is a great game for kids who are keen to cook. Players are given a bunch of random ingredients. They then need to take up to six ingredients and combine them on a cracker or carrot stick. 

“Then you give it to somebody who’s got their eyes closed, and they taste them,” Jenn says. 

The taste-tester ranks each bite. Final scores are determined by how many ingredients are used multiplied by the taste-testing rank. 

“If you’re the grossest, you get zero points. You have to use as many ingredients as possible but make it taste nice so that the person likes it more highly.”

Jenn Sandercock’s edible games are a lot of fun. Picture: Jenn Sandercock.

Jenn’s edible game cookbook has 9 more games for families. Her kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the production of the book started on June 20. The final cookbook will be released in 2019. 

Supporters will be offered cheaper deals on the book, custom cookie-cutters and oven mitts.