Experience Sydney in 360°: Put yourself in the picture like never before

Destination NSW - Experience Sydney in 360
Surf Bondi Beach and kayak Sydney Harbour without getting wet? Fly a helicopter over Sydney Harbour without leaving the ground? Sounds impossible… but thanks to innovative new 360° video developed and launched today by Destination NSW it’s a reality.


In an Australian first, visitors can now participate in iconic Sydney experiences before they leave, providing inspiration to book their next trip and turn the digital experience into a real one.

The panoramic 360° videos which can be accessed via are completely interactive allowing the user to jump into the pilot’s seat and drive their own 360° experience. An aerial video of Hunter Valley Wine Region is also available.

Destination NSW CEO Sandra Chipchase said the 360° digital content was created to capture Sydney like it’s never been seen before.

“The 360° tools are a fantastic new digital innovation that will give visitors a taste of what’s in store when they visit Sydney and NSW, and get them excited and motivated about booking their trip – whether it’s to visit friends and family, go backpacking or have a holiday,” she said.

“Destination NSW continues to focus on digital innovation and is the first tourism organisation in Australia to launch 360° aerial and first person video content. This ensures we remain the industry leader; and an innovator in destination, tourism and event promotion”.

For the ultimate first-hand experience, the 360° first person videos allow users to literally “put their face in the picture” so it feels like they’re actually climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge, surfing Bondi Beach, kayaking Sydney Harbour or interacting with animals at Taronga Zoo.

Plus for ultimate bragging rights, the videos can be shared with friends, fans and followers through Facebook.

Highlights of Sydney 360° includes:

  • Australian first 360° video aerial tours which are fully interactive and controlled by the user
  • World-first first person 360° video technology
  • A dedicated Facebook application to share the first-person 360° videos
  • A mobile application for smartphones to view Sydney 360° panorama
  • A tablet application to view Sydney 360° panorama images using swipe and drag navigation


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