Explore South Australia “Through local eyes” – hear what the kids have to say!

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December 13, 2013
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December 18, 2013

The South Australia Tourism Commission wants families to know what’s so magical and special about their state – from top to bottom and sideways, a new film project, “Through Local Eyes”, tells it like it is and captures the essence of each unique destination in a way no brochure can!

OAAWK - IMAGE 2 (560w)

Families have been heading to South Australia for holidays for eons – and there’s plenty of great reasons why.

This gorgeous video, focuses on the Yorke Peninsula, which is just an hour’s drive from the capital, Adelaide, and blessed with more than 700 kilometres of coastline. There’s a phone call from grandma, checking in on how the holiday is going. Her young grandson provides the narrative and the pictorial postcard follows his conversation as he details his experiences to Nan.

OAAWK - IMAGE 1 (560w)

It’s a place where “…it’s not too busy”, “…it’s kinda peaceful” and where fishing, swimming, catching crabs and “really, really big fish!”, beach cricket, dining on bbq sausages and succulent watermelon and
“…relaxing in hammocks” make for a perfect family day.

Watch the kids just being kids and listen as, in their own words, they describe exactly what makes “…the best day ever”

“I can’t wait ’til tomorrow” says the young holidaymaker.

Grandma signs off with “Sounds like you had a great day!”

“Yeah, we sure did …yep sir-eee”

If you’ve never been to South Australia check out this video and get it from the horses’ mouths on the beautiful Yorke Peninsula!

Kids, crabs and the best day ever – sure looks like it!

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