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Five reasons why Fiji is for Families

We just had the most glorious family holiday in fabulous Fiji, reconnecting and spending complete quality family fun time together. I asked my girls what made this their favourite mother/daughter holiday of all time and they came up with this list.


Family – Friendly – Fun

Every Fijian we met smiled and looked us in the eyes. There were laughter and music everywhere we went. At our first fantastic overnight at the Sonasali Island Resort. We were friends by check in, and family after our first fabulous dinner.


The staff knew us by name after the first meeting and talked to the kids as people. From Toddlers to teens every child we met had the same look of happiness and every parent we saw was loving being where kids are wanted and cherished. Fijians don’t just like kids, they love them. Babies are whisked away into safe and loving arms, toddlers are adored and cosseted, school-age kids are talked to and included. In fact, I would go as far as saying ‘if you don’t holiday with kids in Fiji you are missing out’. It is the most family friendly destination we have ever been to and my lucky girls have travelled with me – a lot.

So Beautiful


The Fijian people are beautiful, their energy, their spirit, their joy.

The Fijian Islands are breathtakingly beautiful. The Northern Yasawa’s with all their small village islands and palm trees, island village life.

Captain Cook Cruises Fiji showed us a daily parade of divine islands, for snorkelling, swimming, visiting and spending time getting to know the village – each island more beautiful than the last.

Every night a treat of fabulous food and entertainment and every child treated as a valued guest with laughter and joy a part of every beautiful Captain Cook Cruise day.


Totally Relaxed


‘Fiji Time’ really is just that – relaxed and slowed down. Nothing is a problem. From day one, the fast-paced ‘we must do everything’ vibe starts to fall away. Walking more slowly, spontaneous smiles, laughing more easily. Slow it down and really relax into Fiji holiday mode.

The Intercontinental Fiji Golf Resort and Spa had this down perfectly.

Find a lounge by the pool and have fun with your kids, swim in the turquoise waters of the aptly named Coral Coast, watch the sundown fire-lighting ceremony, eat at one of the many restaurants or, more decadently, treat yourself to some time out at the divine spa or play a round of golf while the kids are treated like loved family by the kids club or nannies.

Everyone gets to wind down in Fiji.


It is Warm

When it’s cold in wintery Australia, Fiji is warm. With a mild tropical temperature, we basked in 28 degree days and balmy nights, water temperature 27 degrees for swimming and spending time thawing out. Doesn’t matter that it is a little cloudy or the occasional rain shower, it’s warm! And we loved every second. Hugging each other with conspiratorial joy as we noted the cold and wet weather we left behind.


Really Close

Not too far and almost no jetlag. Fiji Airways fly to Nadi every day in around 4 hours from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. An easy flight for most kids and then only a 2 – 3 hour time difference depending on daylight saving. A breeze! Quick flight, friendly Fijian service, easy transportation to your holiday destination.


Put those Fab Five together and you have your dream holiday with kids as Tourism Fiji
tells us over and over.

Fiji is the travelling Australian families top overseas destination. Fiji IS where happiness finds you. It found us, in bucketloads. We have already booked our next Mother/daughter holiday there in 2014.

Back here at work in freezing Sydney, it can’t come soon enough. Bula!

Elisa Elwin is a Publisher, Travel Writer, Social Worker and parent to 2 teenage daughters Sam & Tori. With family far and wide, they visit and spread their wings a couple of times a year.


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