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Flying With Children – Top Tips

plane in sky

Here are some of our favourite Top Tips for taking to the skies with kids in tow – make it easy on yourself and the rest of the family and enjoy a fuss-free flight to your next holiday destination!

Tip 1

Allow extra time for checking in

Tip 2

Book a bassinet beforehand

Tip 3

Pack everything you need for a nappy change in individual disposable bags

Tip 4

Check you have passports for all the family – even baby! Allow enough times for passports to be issued.

Tip 5

Take your child to the doctor for a full check up before flying

Tip 6

Book a night flight if travelling with young children

Tip 7

You can’t ever take too many wipes (or plastic bags!)

Tip 8

Pack a selection of light snacks (don’t pack liquids or purees – these may get confiscated at security and you can get them on board)

Tip 9

Dress little ones comfortably in layers

Tip 10

Pack a bag with spare clothes and nappies

Tip 11

Pack a bag of kids’ books, toys and activities

Tip 12

Take travel cushions – great for airport waiting and extra height to see the TV in flight

Tip 13

Limit your own personal hand luggage – you may have to carry a tired child through immigration and big airports!

Tip 14

If you’re planning on taking a stroller on board check with the airline first for size and style requirements or you may be asked to check it in with your luggage

Tip 15

If in doubt or if you have any special needs or requests always check first with the airline well before your travel date to ensure no last-minute hitches when you and your family arrive at the airport for your holiday!


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