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FREE Hawai‘i travel guides! Best things to see & do, places to stay & eat

Find out which Hawaiian Islands you should visit, and the best things to see and do, places to stay and eat on each with the free Explore Hawai‘i and Family Hawai‘i guides.

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Planning a trip to the Hawaiian Islands? If not, you should be! With jaw-dropping natural beauty, unique cultural traditions, fantastic food and warm and inviting people, the Hawaiian Islands are like no other place on earth. There are six major islands to visit in Hawai‘i, and each has its own distinct personality. It’s worth including more than one in your itinerary to make the most out of your Hawai‘i experience.

A boy learning to play the ukulele at Kaanapali Beach Hotel on Maui
A boy learning to play the ukulele at Kaanapali Beach Hotel on Maui

The FREE Explore Hawai‘i and Family Hawai‘i guides are the ultimate tools to help you plan a holiday to this unique destination. There are beautiful beaches with turquoise bays perfect for activities such as surfing, stand-up paddleboarding and outrigger canoeing; opportunities to join in lei-making and ‘ukulele classes, and to visit ancient cultural sites. Attending a lū‘au — a traditional Hawaiian feast with cultural performances such as hula dancing — is a must for every itinerary, and many hotels and resorts offer a lū‘au on certain nights of the week. There is also an abundance of wildlife experiences, such as spotting humpback whales breaching on a boat cruise, or just viewing them from a headland. Adventure lovers can fly above volcanic landscapes on a scenic helicopter flight, go ziplining over a rainforest canopy, and hike through magnificent canyons and valleys to swim in picturesque waterfalls.

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Find out which islands you should visit, along with the best things to see and do, where to eat and stay on each. The guides also reveal amazing Hawai‘i food experiences, including must-try dishes and Hawai‘i Regional Cuisine, and fantastic volunteering opportunities for a more enriching experience. There’s also advice on how to get there, when to go and tips on tipping!


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