Furry, family fun at Featherdale Wildlife Park!!

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September 19, 2014
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October 14, 2014

Featherdale dingos

Featherdale Wildlife Park was a great option take two busy young boys on a weekday excursion – and it was good timing as the Park had recently welcomed some new baby animals to its family.

We arrived at 10:00 to see the crocodile feeding presentation. Ngukum is an impressive 4.5 metre saltwater crocodile and he put on a powerful display – he was obviously hungry!!


The hands-on experience at the Park was terrific, as there were countless rock wallabies (brush and yellow-tailed) walking and jumping around us throughout the park. These cute creatures were happy to stand around for a feed and pat – the boys loved bouncing after them and feeding them ice-cream cones full of grass (although the wallabies definitely seemed more interested in the cone than the grass!).

There were also plenty of opportunities to get up close and personal with koalas – there were a number of enclosures as well as a dedicated patting area for these gorgeous sleepy creatures.


The quokkas where the other hit of the day, as these little marsupials were so inquisitive and friendly … and they were really interacted with the boys. Oh, and there was the cutest baby quokka!

Other native animals the boys enjoyed seeing were wombats, dingoes, Tasmanian devils, echidnas and bats. The Park has what seemed like thousands of different bird varieties, ranging from birds of prey all the way to beautiful rainbow finches.

The reptile enclosure was another hit with the kids and featured a great selection of Australian native snakes and lizards … the red-bellied black snake was the favourite and we got to see a viper being fed.


Featherdale Wildlife Park is a great place to take the kids – there’s always a new baby or something happening. This time around we didn’t see the little albino wallaby joey, but hopefully we catch him next visit!

– Mandy Court

Mandy Court and her boys had a ball meeting the gorgeous animals at Featherdale Wildlife Park.