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Our products are High Quality, Gentle on Skin, and Great Prices!

BOFON is 100% Australian Owned and Operated and was created due to a shared passion – to deliver high-quality hand sanitiser at affordable and accessible prices!

We know how important it is to keep families safe. Having young children ourselves, you’re in good hands (pardon the pun) with BOFON. With a range of sizes and a large number of value bundles designed for savings and a variety of needs, we’d love to welcome you as another happy BOFON customer.

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When COVID first hit, Australian demand for hand sanitiser hit an all-time high, leading to a national shortage. New players in the market focussed on speed to market vs quality or balance between efficacy and likelihood to use. 

The first issue was the incredible price gouging Australians were forced into, with 500ml of hand sanitiser costing anywhere between $25 and $60 (sometimes more).

While the vast majority of products in Australia were of a good standard and ensured alcohol content levels within the recommended range of 60-80% (except a few that CHOICE uncovered that were well below the advertised level), the reality is very few focused on ensuring their product was gentle on skin and didn’t have that terrible alcohol smell.

BOFON Hand Sanitizer spray

As a result, customers (particularly employees who required regular use like health/aged care workers or retail employees) started experiencing skin problems. Dry skin, cracked skin, or in some cases, worse, combined with the unpleasant smell of many sanitisers, led to a reluctance to use hand sanitiser and avoid these products as much as possible. The lack of transparency in terms of what products and contents were actually in many automatic dispensers in shops and other establishments further compounded this issue.

Which leads us to the question – What good is a hand sanitiser with the correct alcohol content if it smells so bad and dries the skin so severely that no one wants to use it? The alcohol content is critical for efficacy, but there is no efficacy if it never gets applied.

Our customers told us they choose our product because it makes using hand sanitiser a pleasure, not a burden. They look forward to using it, meaning it gets used more often.

We are passionate about our product – Knowing the quality and pricing issues in the market, we decided to do something about it – we spent weeks researching suppliers and product formulas to find one that delivered our three key priorities – High Quality, Gentle on Skin, and Great Prices… precisely what we created!

Our product is exceptional, perfectly balanced, drying quickly, no stickiness or residue left on your hands leaving them feeling soft and fresh, with the beautiful scent of added Aloe Vera. It was voted Number 1 in a Blind Test we conducted and still retains 100% 5 Star Reviews to this day! – Check It Out HERE

BOFON Hand Sanitizer

We then sent our product for testing at the NMI (National Measurement Institute), a federal government testing facility, confirming the adequate level of alcohol content, even slightly higher than our advertised 70%, at 77-79% – Details Here.

We are committed to ensuring ALL Australians can access this vital product – so support our Australian company doing the ‘right thing’ by Australians by caring about quality and affordability!

We’d love to connect via social media, our website, or email at for any questions or feedback.

Stay Safe!


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