Handy Heinz Bowl Keeps Food on Table

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Heinz Unbelievabowl

Heinz UnbelievabowlIt’s the most wonderful thing, when your baby graduates from being fed on your lap to sitting in a high chair. Even more so when they start to get the hang of using a spoon and feeding themselves! That means you can leave them to it and get back to the 1001 chores that still need doing, right? Well, not always. It takes lots of practice for them to master the art of using a spoon and keeping the bowl in the same place, upright. In the process there are sure to be some spills, mess and exploration!

Well there is now a product that can help the food stay on the table. The clever people at Heinz have made a non-slip bowl which will not move from the plastic tray table, so no more bumps, spills and mishap. Perfect for plastic and hard surfaces, but not so great on timber, best used on the high chair tray table. We found the bowl to be heavy enough so as to remain in the one spot, and really difficult for baby to push around. Its not a suction cap so it doesn’t “Stick” to the surface as such, so you still need to be quite hands on. And the soft rubber spoon which comes with it is ideal for little hands learning to grasp strange objects. The Unbelievabowl costs $11.99 for a two-pack and they come in pink, blue, green, orange and purple.

Now, for something to put in the bowl! We managed to try three different purees from the new Heinz “Simply” range:Heinz Simply

  • Pumpkin, Sweet Potato & Carrot – perfect for babies from 4 months old
  • Apple & Oats – soft pieces for babies of 6 months and above
  • Vanilla Custard – a sweeter treat for 6 months and older (guess which was the favourite!!)

Available at selected Woolworths, Coles, IGA, Big W and Toys R Us stores. For advice on starting your baby on solids, visit the Heinz Simply Website.