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Happy kids, happy mums!

Gary Pearson, author of ‘The Happy Little Yellow Book’ and ‘Positive Psychology 4 Kids’ says helping your child find their own ‘Personal Positives’ leads to a happy kid and a happy mum!

Smiling uses less muscles than frowning. In ageing gracefully, we’d rather have laugh lines than frown wrinkles. At the heart of our own happiness is the happiness of our kids. Happy kids achieve better school results, they build longer lasting friendships, have higher self-esteem and deal with life’s setbacks more effectively than their peers.

Positive Psychology 4 Kids

‘Happiness’ empowers kids to make friends, find meaning and accomplish goals. In developing academic and social learning, a strong emotional learning base should come first. Kids who develop the habits found in the principles of positive psychology are more likely to succeed in their life-long endeavours because they are equipped to overcome the adversity, failure and difficulties that are inevitable in life. They develop a lasting happiness, deeper appreciation for learning, better grades, and live more accomplished lives.

Help your child find their PERSONAL POSITIVES and accept WHO THEY ARE. They have the skills and potential to be successful and happy at whatever they want to do in life. It’s about how they learn to use these skills and talents, not about wishing they had others.

Teach children to REWARD’ THEMSELVES and relish that feeling of achievement when it happens. We all praise our kids for a job well done but teach them to ‘own’ that achievement, accept praise and ‘digest’ compliments.

Imagine a GLASS HALF-FILLED with water. A positive thinker says, “Thank goodness it has water in it!” A negative thinker says, “Why didn’t they fill it up?” If children learn to focus on what is there and what is good about themselves, they are more likely to be happier and successful.

Whenever something bad happens to your child or they don’t feel happy, help them to recognise that these moments are just moments. The BIG PICTURE is they’ve got their whole life ahead of them! These moments are one tiny tree in a huge forest.

Things ALWAYS get better!

You can help your child to start PLANNING A HAPPY FUTURE doing things that make them happy to ensure that happy times are just around the corner.

Positive psychology and THINKING HAPPINESS are full of benefits and rewards. The best news of all, it’s a FREE INVESTMENT in your child’s future.

About Gary Pearson

Gary Pearson has worked extensively with The Happiness Institute as a consultant and keynote speaker on Positive Psychology. Gary has spent over 20 years working in people management, people development, facilitating leadership programs, change management, workplace motivation, resilience planning and teaching stress management.

In previous lives, Gary served in the defence forces as an Instructor in Motivation & Leadership and had also worked in high level Australian Corporations; but always working with people.

Gary is a very proud father of 3 and these roles inspired Gary to write ‘The Happy Little Yellow Book’ (2007) and more recently ‘Positive Psychology 4 Kids’ (2013). ‘Positive Psychology 4 Kids’ is a DIY self-help book for children of all ages between 9 & 13yrs and puts all the science that we know about happiness (and how to get it) into ‘kids’ speak’!


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