Hollywood comes to the high seas for kids

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Kids have fun in the Broad Shorts animated movie making program on P &O

Kids have fun in the Broad Shorts animated movie making program on P &O

P&O Cruises is bringing a taste of Hollywood to its ships, with a new movie-making program based on the animation technology behind Wallace and Gromit and The Pirates! Band of Misfits.

The cruise line has partnered with animation software developer Stop Motion Pro and home entertainment company Sony to launch a new program called Broad Shorts, giving kids the chance to create their own animated short movie while at sea.

The program is one of a series of new family activities being rolled out across P&O Cruises’ fleet this year, in consultation with internationally-renowned early childhood lecturer Rhonda Davidson-Irwin.

Broad Shorts has been launched in the teen-focused HQ and HQ+ clubs, with kids shown how to make their own stop motion movies from a range of puppets.

The teenagers will be responsible for all aspects of the film-making process, from designing the puppets, to creating a story and script, filming and providing voiceovers.

The final stage will involve creating an animation using technology developed by Stop Motion Pro, the Australian company involved in the making of the well-known Wallace and Gromit animation, as well as the Academy Award-nominated The Pirates! Band of Misfits movie.

The short films will then be premiered to their families and other passengers at a special screening during their cruise. In the second phase of the program, to be introduced later this year teenage passengers will be given cameras to film content for their movies around the ship.

Director and Co-creator of Australian-owned Stop Motion Pro, Paul Howell, said that while the program was available in some schools across the country, the partnership with P&O Cruises will be the first holiday program of its kind.

“The kid’s creative juices will run wild with the program – it’s an incredibly exciting time for Stop Motion Pro and P&O cruises. We wonder how many of them will go on to be Hollywood movie makers themselves after this unique on board experience.”