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Hong Kong Disneyland | Special 15th Anniversary Celebrations

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort enters  a magical milestone on 21 November as it officially celebrates its 15th anniversary with the opening of the reimagined castle – the Castle of Magical Dreams – along with special event “A Disney Christmas”

disneyland hong kong celebrates 15 years
Hong Kong Disneyland Resort launches its 15th anniversary celebrations. Image Hong Kong Disneyland

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort celebrates the 15th anniversary with the Castle of Magical Dreams centre stage. Expanding the celebrations in the lead up to Christmas, the resort’s “A Disney Christmas” promises to continue to share the joy with activities filled with hopes and dreams from the Disney cast and community.

Inspired by 13 stories of beloved Disney Princesses and Queens, the Castle of Magical Dreams offers something special for everybody with its many towers and spires cloaked in patterns, textures, colors and ornamentation unique to each story.

When the reimagined castle opens – the first of its kind in Disney’s history – not only will it be a living centerpiece of Hong Kong Disneyland, it will act as a beacon of courage, hope and possibility. Feel a dusting of Disney magic fall upon your shoulders as you admire this beautiful castle against a scenic backdrop of a lush landscape of surrounding mountains.

As part of the castle’s magical transformation, the resort invited guests, cast members, community partners and Disney friends, including Mickey Mouse, to share their own dreams and wishes on “magical dream cards.” These cards were collected in a treasure chest and lifted to the top of the tallest tower in the castle. This act symbolizes the rebirth of the castle through the power of everyone’s aspirations, ensuring that the heart of the resort will always be filled with hopes and dreams.

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hong kong disneyland resort 15th anniversary celebrations3
Castle of Magic Dreams is the centrepiece of 15th anniversary celebrations. Image Hong Kong Disneyland

Witness the castle’s magical transformation at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

This is the first time in Disney history that an existing castle has undergone such a grand transformation. To mark the occasion, guests can visit the “Building a Dream: The Magic Behind a Disney Castle” exhibition, and take a visual journey behind the scenes to discover the magic of the Walt Disney Imagineering process. You will gain insights into the transformation from concept and design development, to the innovative building techniques, interpretation of the Disney Princesses and Queens’ stories in partnership with Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar Animation Studios.

Additionally, a special “Glimpse into the Magic” tour of the Castle of Magical Dreams will be available, which will take you through the castle with a guided audio narration from local celebrity and Disney fan, Karena Lam.

“It’s a very immersive tour which allows guests to appreciate the architectural designs of the towers, turrets, domes, spires and finials, and see how their various colors, icons, patterns, and cultural features were inspired by the Princesses and Queens,” Ms  Lam said after experiencing the tour.

hong kong disneyland resort 15th anniversary celebrations1
Hong Kong Disneyland Resort celebrations begin from 21 November. Image Hong Kong Disneyland

Virtual countdown to the 15th anniversary launch

To celebrate this historic milestone, the resort is launching a countdown to 21 November and the 15th anniversary celebration on the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort website. This virtual countdown to the launch will also be available on the resort’s Instagram account (@hkdisneyland), inviting guests from all around the world to join in the celebrations.

Special limited-time “Magic Access” Re-join Offer

Up until 30 November, if your Magic Access membership has lapsed, you can enjoy a limited-time “Magic Access” Re-join Offer* which entitles eligible guests to a 15 percent discount on the membership price along with  complimentary food, beverage merchandise – check the website for all details.

hong kong disneyland resort 15th anniversary celebrations2
15th anniversary button celebrates Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. Image Hong Kong Disneyland

15 Years of Magical Dreams 

Since its grand opening, Hong Kong Disneyland has been a place for dreams to come true. To inspire further dreams and to celebrate the park’s 15th birthday celebration, you can collect a limited edition 15th anniversary-themed button, which will be distributed to guests from 21 November (while supplies last)

* This “Magic Access” Re-join offer is only applicable to Magic Access memberships which expired on or before October 3, 2020. This offer is not applicable to senior Magic Access Membership Card purchases, existing Magic Access members, Magic Access membership renewals, Magic Access certificates or ticket upgrades.

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