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How to link your vaccine certificate & passport

Fully vaccinated Australian citizens and permanent residents travelling overseas will need to show their vaccine certificate when departing Australia and also when arriving at your destination. Here’s how to get your vaccine certificate, also known as a vaccine passport, which is proof that you’re fully immunised against COVID-19.

family travel with vaccine certificate or covid passport
Covid certificates are required when travelling through international airports. Image Crello.

When is a Vaccine Certificate required?

You will need to show airline staff your International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate. Vaccinated Australians are able to apply for this vaccine passport from 19 October onwards. 

The International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate relies on ePassport technology and works in a similar way to passport chips in the form of a QR code. Airlines will check your vaccination status against your passport when you check-in for your flight. 

How to apply for a Vaccine Certificate

Apply for your certificate in your MyGov account after you are fully vaccinated and your vaccination is registered on the Australian Immunisation Register. Then, download the Medicare App and follow the prompts to link your Vaccine Certificate to your Passport. The document can be saved offline, emailed to yourself, or you can save a print screen copy in your phone.

International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificates are being used globally to provide evidence that travellers have been vaccinated. Once you are fully immunised, applying for your International COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate only takes a few minutes. If you cannot access the internet, you can contact Medicare to have a certificate sent to you.



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