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Comic Con

Cosplay is one of the highlights of Comic Con. Picture: Shutterstock

Comic Con is the biggest celebration of pop culture in Australia. The three-city event has cosplay, celebrity meet and greets and workshops.
Queenie Chan is a graphic artist who will be at Comic Con in Sydney and Brisbane this year. Chan began drawing a three-volume mystery series called The Dreaming in 2004. She has collaborated with Dean Koontz on his Odd Thomas Novels. She has also completed a three-book fairytale series called Fantasy Kingdom. 
Comic Con with kids

Graphic Artist Queenie Chan. Picture: Queenie Chan

Comic Con is on in Brisbane on September 22 and September 23. It will be in Sydney on September 29 and September 30.
“If you want to go on the best day, for most events it would be Saturday because that’s the busiest day,” Queenie says.
“If you want to have a more laid-back experience, fewer people, a bit more relaxed, then you will probably go on Sunday. “
Those events include artists and celebrity meet and greets, workshops and cosplay competitions. Comic Con also has plenty of stalls for shopping.
Queenie says Comic Con is great for all ages. But kids tend to like different activities depending on their age.

Under 8’s

Children under eight love the Cosplay competitions.
“The cosplay people are flashy and the little kids enjoy that,” Queenie says.
Comic Con

Cosplay is one of the highlights of Comic Con. Picture: Shutterstock


Dress-ups aren’t limited to cosplay actors. Queenie says many families also get in on the action.
“A lot of families like to dress up together,” she says.
“Little kids love dressing up as their favourite characters, be it superheroes or Disney princesses.”
Comic Con also has plenty of drawing tables where children (and adults) can sit down and draw. You don’t have to be good, you only need to be keen.

Tweens (8-12)

Queenie runs one-hour comic workshops at Comic Con. She says kids in this age group are the most enthusiastic.
“They are very keen, and they are not worried about being embarrassed in front of their peers.”
Drawing workshops are a huge hit with kids in this age group. They can learn how to draw comics and graphic art and apply their new skills straight away.
“I teach how to draw manga faces and we have a bit of fun drawing, sometimes I draw people from the audience,” Queenie says.
At Comic-Con families can interact with artists and writers. Kids can ask questions at panel discussions or in person at artist meet and greets.
Comic Con 2018 guests include the cast of ShadowHunters and Dichen Lachman from Altered Carbon.
Graphic artists such as Queenie Chan and Cat Sparks also draw big crowds.
“I find that a lot of parents like to show their kids the work of the artist,” Queeinie says.
“I talk to a lot of younger kids about doing art and pursuing it as a career. They like to show me their portfolios, things like that.”


Queenie says parents should allow teenagers to run free at Comic Con.
“Teenagers run off with their friends, go shopping and visit panels,” Queenie says. “They take photos with their favourite TV star and like to do their own thing.”
No matter what age your children are, Queenie says Comic Con is a great day out for families.
Comic Con

Queenie Chan says teens should be allowed to run free at Comic Con. Picture: Shutterstock


Comic-Con offers a chance for families to bond, and discover new things that you may not know, that you are both into.
“Or maybe you would like to show your child something that you were into as a child.”