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Inspirational Kakadu

Yellow Water CruisesHow do you inspire children to the mystery and wonder of the outback while still entertaining them? A good way is to show them the original Crocodile Dundee film and say “we’re heading off to where Mick Dundee comes from – Kakadu”.

Just like Mick, Kakadu is bigger than life. Everything from the four-metre crocodile that glides effortlessly alongside your boat on Yellow Water to the Crocodile Hotel (now part of the Accor network) at Jabiru, it becomes obvious that size does matter in Kakadu.

While the wildlife is always spectacular – you can often see eagles swoop down and pick up dinner from the waters below – Kakadu is where it becomes easier to understand Australia’s indigenous story.

On our sunset Yellow Water Cruise, the indigenous tour guide Mandy kept a group of children entertained with a series of colourful stories about her family and their life in Kakadu. Mandy was also our guide at the nearby Warradjan Cultural Centre, a must-see for anyone who is interested in indigenous culture and history.



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