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Open Now! Jurassic World by Brickman dinosaur LEGO exhibition in Sydney

Experience the largest LEGO exhibition in Australian history with more than 50 dinosaurs dominating the Australian Museum, Sydney bringing Jurassic World (by Brickman) to life.

Want to come face-to-face with a Brachiosaurus or encounter a flock of Pteranodons? The Australian Museum Sydney is the place to be this March, April and May. The exhibition featuring more than six million LEGO bricks transforms the touring exhibition hall into the sci-fi wonderland of Jurassic World. 

How many dinosaurs are in the exhibit?

This colossal exhibition features more than 50 large-scale dinosaurs, plus props and scenes from the film franchise, allowing both adults and kids to immerse themselves in this prehistoric world. 

After entering through the iconic Jurassic World gates, you’ll experience the inner workings of the lab where dinosaurs are genetically engineered. Journey past the baby dinosaur enclosure before learning how to track dinosaurs as you encounter escaped Velociraptors and an enormous T. Rex. Along the way, there are plenty of LEGO building activities to keep all ages busy (in fact, there are 2.5 million bricks to play with).

Australian Museum Sydney

A dinosaur-themed family day out

Jurassic World by Brickman guarantees an unforgettable day out for dinosaur-loving families. This once-in-a-lifetime exhibition is  just two floors down from the museum’s permanent dinosaur exhibition. You can learn all about dinosaur evolution and the immense beasts that once roamed Gondwana. 

The Australian Museum’s dinosaur extravaganza will run until Sunday May 29, 2022.

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