Knott’s Berry Farm is more than just a farm!

Have you ever tasted a boysenberry? They’re delicious, and every boysenberry in the world can trace its roots back to Knott’s Berry Farm, thanks to Walter and Cordelia Knott’s experimental loganberry, red raspberry and blackberry-cross that produced the first crop of boysenberries in the 1930s.

Knott’s Berry Farm is an institution in Anaheim, but it is so much more than a farm. Welcoming millions of visitors each year, this much-loved theme park still pays homage to its boysenberry beginnings, but it is also home to the iconic ‘longest, fastest and tallest wooden rollercoaster’, GhostRider, a 4-D interactive ride, Voyage to the Iron Reef, Timber Mountain Log Ride, the Calico Railway, and original Wild West Butterfield Stagecoach, Surfside Gliders and Bigfoot Rapids! With plenty of gentle rides and entertainment for little ones, a day out at Knott’s Berry Farm is perfect for all ages – and after the thrills you can tuck into a hearty meal at Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant, and try a slice of the famous and tantalisingly terrific Boysenberry Pie.

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