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Legendary Montana

America’s Rocky Mountains are legendary – and not just for their stunning scenery and grizzly bear inhabitants!

America's Rocky Mountains

Glacier National Park is a hiker’s paradise. In northwest Montana is a vast wilderness of stunning mountain peaks and evergreen valleys and home to over 730 miles of trails, from easy nature trails to backcountry hiking circuits. From wheelchair-accessible Trail of the Cedars to other family-friendly hikes including the Hidden Lake, Running Eagle Falls and Swiftcurrent nature trails.

This gorgeous national park, where the American and Canadian Rockies meet, is also home to many animals including grizzly bears, mountain goats and bighorn sheep and cougars or ‘mountain lions’ (and if you believe some campfire tales, mythical semi-human beasts). On entry to the park we’re handed a brochure on hiding in bear country, with the welcoming heading “enjoy them at a distance”.

If you want to take a break from walking (or are tired of carrying the kids!) take a historic red bus up the Going-To-The-Sun Road. This scenic, and in places pretty hairy, road is only open for a few summer month’s but is one of the park’s highlights. Taking you from the valley floor to the highest point on the Continental Divide at 6646 feet and showing you some the best sights in northwest Montana.

Rocky Mountains in Montana

As well as the jaw-dropping scenery, wildlife and wealth of walking trails, kids are sure to be mesmerised by this area’s legends and the stories surrounding them including Bigfoot and native American legends like Sacagawea and Sitting Bull. And whether you believe the legend of Bigfoot or not, there is no disputing that Montana is a wild and magical place that families will love.

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