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June 12, 2018
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For five years, Lego Travellers have delighted their Instagram followers with their photos of their travels abroad. Now they’re on a brand new adventure.

Craig McCartney and Lindsey Haggerty, originally from Scotland but now based in Perth, use Lego blocks to recreate their holiday experiences. Their photos feature Lego-sized replicas of themselves in front of famous landmarks complete with tiny cameras, backpacks and maps.


“The idea came about when Craig discovered his childhood Lego collection in his mum’s attic at the end of 2012 and decided to create a couple of minifigures to represent him and I – ‘Lego me’ with the miniature camera and ‘Lego Craig’ with the map and rucksack,” Lindsay says.

It was the first gift Craig gave to Lindsay for her 30th birthday celebrations in Paris.

“While we were there we photographed the Lego figures next to some famous landmarks and joked about creating a Facebook page for them.”

One month later they created the page. As they travelled through Scotland, England, France, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Laos, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Australia.

The Lego Travellers acquired more than 20,000 followers.

In October last year, their lives changed drastically.

They had a baby.


“ We had a little boy Leo in October last year, he’s seven months old now,” Lindsay says.

“I’d say we’ve adjusted quite well overall, I’m now a stay at home mum so it’s been strange giving up work and adapting to a whole new way of life, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.”

Lindsay and Craig have now settled in Perth. They became permanent residents in 2015. Lindsay says having Leo hasn’t stopped the couple from travelling. In fact, they have just introduced a baby Lego Leo.

“Now that we have introduced Leo in Lego form, there is even more potential for taking fun photographs in the places that we visit,” Lindsay says.

Lego Travellers now spend a lot of their time photographing Perth. It’s a great fun way for kids to find out what they can see and do in the West Australian city.

They also take short trips – much shorter trips than before. Lindsay says travel with a baby is totally different to travel as a couple.

“The main thing to consider when travelling with a baby is the amount of stuff that we now need to take with us – there is a whole lot more to think about now that we have a little person in tow,” Lindsay says.

“The amount of things that we need just for one night away, is basically the same as it would be for a 3 or 4 night stay. And the car is a whole lot fuller.  This even applies for a simple trip to the beach – or what used to be a simple trip to the beach. “

The couple plan to take their first overseas trip with Leo at the end of the year – back home to visit family in Scotland.

“He will be 14 months old by then, so that is bound to be very different for us – especially travelling from Perth’s summer to a Scottish winter.”

And you’ll be able to follow it all on Lego Travellers.