Lilla loves Singapore – a picture diary

Gardens by the Bay Image: Singapore Tourism
Gardens by the Bay Image: Singapore Tourism

Ten year old Lilla shares the favourite moments of her Singapore holiday with Out & About with Kids. “I just loved my first time in Singapore. Such a fun holiday and so much to do.”

The plane trip wasn’t too long. I got to watch movies and TV shows and drink lemonade all the way to Singapore. We got there on the same day and had time for dinner before going to bed.

Flight time

TWO - Festive hotelWe stayed at Festive Hotel – Resorts World Sentosa – it was a big cool room, with my own high up bunk bed. We could see the fireworks every night from our balcony, walk to go shopping and find restaurants. Everything was so close. And a big swimming pool with fountains … we swam every day, even in the rain as it was so warm!

I loved Singapore Zoo and the best part was Breakfast with the Orangutans.

They were so cute and amazing to see them up close. The rest of the zoo was good, too. I liked catching the zoo train around to see all the animals.

 THREE - breakfast with the orangutans

We had a whole day seeing all the birds at Jurong Bird Park. My favourite part was being chosen to hold the hoop at the ‘High Flyers’ bird show. The macaws that flew through my hoop were colourful and enormous.

Four - Jurong Bird park

SIX baby dinosaurI was so excited to go to Universal Studios Singapore. I spent days working out which rides I wanted to go on. We walked there from our hotel and it was SO much fun. I even went on TRANSFORMERS The Ride, even though I was scared. And then I wanted to go on again, it was so great.

We went on the water ride Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure – we got soaking wet and it didn’t even matter, it was so warm. Dinosaurs were everywhere. I even got a kiss from a baby dinosaur. I wish we could have gone back to Universal Studios Singapore another day, but there was so much else to do.

There is so much delicious food in Singapore. I like Chinese theSEVEN - Satay by the bay best, but Indian roti was my second favourite. One night we went to a hawker centre called Satay by the Bay. We had yummy satay – of course! – and even stingray wings. It was a bit spicy, but the fresh fruit drinks made it cool down.

After dinner we went to the Gardens by the Bay. There are ‘supertrees’ there that light up with music every night. We lay on the ground looking up to watch the show … it was so beautiful. I fell asleep and had to be carried back to the car.

Before I knew it we were heading home. Changi Airport was huge and there was so much to do there. A swimming pool, free movie theatre, lots of shopping, and my favourite thing was the Butterfly Garden. We had time to go and spend time watching all the beautiful butterflies eating fruit and landing on flowers – one even landed on me!

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