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Life Education and Yates are offering $15,000 worth of grants to create garden spaces for kids.

Most parents know Life Education for their “Healthy Harrold” school visits. The school incursion teaches children about healthy habits and safe personal relationships.

Yates/Life Education

Now Life Education has teamed up with gardening company Yates to offer Growing Good Gardens Grants. It hopes the cash will encourage more kids to ditch the screens and get outside, exploring their gardens and thinking about healthy choices.

“The Yates Growing Good Gardens Grant extends the Life Education lesson from the classroom to the garden, getting kids active and teaching them the first-hand about benefits of healthy eating,” Life Education Australia CEO David Ballhausen told Out & About With Kids.

Yates/Life Education

To apply for the Yates and Life Education’s Growing Good Gardens Grants 2018, teachers and parents must complete the application form on Life Education Australia’s website –  Applications close 15th June 2018.

To be successful, parents, children and teachers will need to show they have a quality, well thought out design. They will also need to prove their idea will lead to better nutrition, more positive relationships and that it will increase their physical activity and personal safety. All ideas will need to have a realistic budget and they should be integrated into the community to maximise environmental learning.

Angie Thomas, Horticulture Consultant to Yates says she hopes thousands of kids apply for the grants.

Gardening is a great way for kids to get messy. When kids grow their own food, they’re also more likely to eat it.

Yates/Life Education

“Getting kids’ hands grubby in the garden is not only a great way for them to be active out in the fresh air, but also teaching where their food comes from and encourage healthy eating,” Thomas says.

Now.. time to think about a great garden design….

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